5 common effects of a stroke

The effects of strokes vary depending on the location, type, and severity of the stroke. Here are some of the common effects of stroke you must be aware of.

Initial disabilities

This depends on which part of the brain was affected and how much damage it caused. You may feel weakness on one side of your body, so you may find it difficult to walk or grasp things. You may have joint pain, muscle stiffness, pain in your limbs, etc.

Urinary or bowel problems

You may find it difficult to hold your urine. You may also struggle to empty your bladder.These problems are not permanent and you must learn to cope up with the situation.

Speech and language problems

This is known as aphasia. This occurs due to damage of the left side of the brain. People with aphasia may not understand the language or express their thoughts. They may not read or write even.

Memory and cognitive problems

You may find it difficult to focus or remember. It may become difficult to learn new activities and perform complex tasks. There may be changes in judgment as well.

Emotional problems

After a stroke, you may have various emotional problems including fear, anger, anxiety, frustration, sadness, etc. You may suffer from depression.

If you have a stroke then you will have some of these changes in your physical and mental health. You must learn to cope up with these changes and maintain a healthy lifestyle accordingly.