4 ways to deal with hypertension

You should do routine check up of your blood pressure after the age of 40. Millions of people in America are at the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension. If you have hypertension, it creases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. But with some simple lifestyle choices, you will be able to deal with hypertension.

Be careful about your diet

It is important to maintain a healthy diet to prevent high blood pressure. You should eat foods that are low in sodium and high in potassium. You must consult a dietician and have the perfect diet plan to maintain your blood pressure.

Exercise regularly

You should do at least two and half hours of exercise every week. You can break it down to 20 minutes every day. You can walk to your work or cycle to get all the benefits of exercise. No matter what you do, you should allocate 20 minutes of your time to exercising.

Reduce workload

If you work more than 41 hours every week then you will have more risk of having hypertension. If you spend more time at work, you will find less time to exercise and do leisurely activities. You shouldn’t work by sacrificing your sleep times.

Manage stress

Stress can cause hypertension. You should exercise to reduce your stress level. You can meditate every day and get rid of your stress. You can listen to music to relax.

You must monitor your blood pressure regularly. Whenever you find out that your blood pressure is high, you should immediately consult a doctor.